M06 - Pinion Drive work horse

Experience a new riding and shifting feeling! This model has been developed specifically for the Pinion bottom bracket gear box. It impresses with its optimal weight distribution as well as its low maintenance and wear resistancy, which offers enormous longevity.

Furthermore, this model combines the advantages of 28" (700C) wheels and 50 to 60 mm wide tyres, which is referred to as 29er on mountain bikes. Above all, it brings more off-road traction, improved rolling characteristics and an outstanding straight line run. In addition, this width tyre provides outstanding comfort without having to resort to spring elements.

The in-built Pinion gear box works permanently reliably, wear-free and without further adjustments. A particular advantage over conventional transmissions, e.g. Alfine, is the central assembly on the bike frame, which leads to an optimal weight distribution.

Available with 12 speed PINION gear BOX and disc brakes only.

Weight: ca 14.7 kg

Frame & forks M6 (3800 grams, 560 unpainted) £575