INTEC frames and bikes are designed and assembled in Germany. The frames are largely made in Europe to exacting specification. As far as possible INTEC will use components made in Europe, wiring for lights is always run internally, all brake and shift cables are made of stainless steel. All wheels are hand built and finished in Germany.

All steel frames are made from 25 Cr/Mo4 tubing and powder coated in Germany. Aluminium frames use 6061 T6 series aluminium.

Frames are painted to order with a 3 layer powder coat and decals under the clear coat. There are two ranges of colours to choose from, one for racing frames and another for touring frames, these may be used on either type of frame.


This is relatively straight forward on frames with horizontal top tube and very slightly sloping top tubes. Here frames are measured centre bottom bracket to top of seat tube.

More steeply sloping frames will have either only one size (F08 or F09) or are expressed as S, M, L etc. with frame size in brackets.

ATB frames are measured centre bottom bracket to top of seat tube.

Specification Options

All bikes illustrated are supplied with basic equipment as listed. You can individualise your bike by specifying colour or size of decals.

All bikes offer options on equipment level, which you can find listed under Options.

Some bikes may be ordered with CITEC® wheel sets, links in the specification table, where suitable.

PLEASE NOTE: All standard specifications are subject to change without notice. Where ever possible items of comparable price and quality will be fitted.

INTEC frames and bikes can be supplied with your own design of decals, please ask what we can do for you.